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Equipment Specialist


       This course is designed to familiarize divers with the operation and maintenance of scuba equipment. In this course, the diver will acquire the basic knowledge in the following areas: Some individual research is needed.

1.    Routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures and equipment storage on buoyancy compensators, tank valves, wet suits and regulators.
2.    Equipment theory, principles and operation of diving equipment.
3.    Troubleshooting minor problems in the field. On regulators, tank valves, buoyancy compensators, and wet/dry suits.
4.    Hydro-Static Test and Visual Tank Inspection procedures.
5.    New equipment

The course will be conducted over two nights: one night devoted to an in-depth look at regulator operation and troubleshooting and the second night on buoyancy compensators, exposure suits and tank valves.

Students will receive a PADI Equipment Specialty Certification.

This course is not designed to teach professional equipment repair on regulators and other dive equipment. Servicing life support equipment is only allowed by factory trained professionals who represent the manufacturer and repair equipment on a regular basis.

Cost: on request

Class size Max: 12 students

Recommended for all Fire Fighting dive specialist

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