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  dive flagPADI Private Open Water Course

         Course Structure: Now you can learn the academic portion of the PADI Open Water Course
in the convenience of your own home and at your own pace.
To complete this course the student must perform the following:

  1. Register at SeaHunt Divers and pick up the course materials.
  2. Read the book and watch the video or complete the PADI CD-ROM.
  3. Turn in a hard copy of the knowledge reviews.
  4. Schedule academic and pool evaluation sessions.
    These evaluation sessions will consist of a review of the course material, four quizzes, final exam, and skill development pool training.
  5. To receive PADI Open Water certification: students must complete four ocean dives.
    Students have the option to take   referral and travel to warmer water during the colder months,
    or dive with us during the months of May - November.
    Just let us know where you would like to complete your training and we can make all the arrangements for you!

Scuba Equipment: All SCUBA equipment is supplied for the pool sessions except mask,
snorkel, fins, boots (if fins have straps), and exposure suit. Equipment for the ocean dives can be purchased or rented.

Student Kits Include:  The PADI Open Water Diver Manual or CD, Student Record Folder,
Recreational Dive Planner, and Startup Log Book inserts.
Book version - 
Each student must purchase their own student training kit. 
CD Rom Version -
  Up to five people can use the CD-ROM. Each additional student using the CD-ROM must purchase a student folder, PADI Dive Table, and a logbook totaling $33.65 including tax.

Pool Equipment: Class and pool fee includes use of all scuba equipment except for mask, snorkel, and fins.  SeaHunt Divers will provide tanks, regulators, buoyancy compensators, weight belts, and exposure suits. If students already own their equipment, we encourage you to use your own equipment.

Open Water Fee (if applicable): $125.00 - $500.00
Sunday Boat Charter Fee (where applicable):  $ 85.00

Ocean Rental Fee: (if applicable): 15% off our regular rental rate

Referral Package:  Students not completing their ocean dive training with SeaHunt Divers g will need a referral package.  This package will consist of a student academic and confined water completion form, medical form, student photograph, and certification card processing form (PIC).  We can also assist you in setting up your open water training dives.  Cost $25.00.

Evaluation Sessions (things to bring): Completed knowledge reviews, dive tables, notebook, pen, swimsuit, towel, mask, snorkel, fins, & boots.

Prerequisites: Minimum 10 years old, must be comfortable in the water, must be able to swim 8 lengths of the pool or swim 10 lengths of the pool with mask, snorkel, and fins, tread water for 10 minutes, and be in good medical condition.

Course Fees for class/pool sessions per student.

One Person


Two Students


Three Students


Four Students


Five Students


Six Students


Seven Students





Prices are based on shared pool time with a prescheduled class.  Private pool rental fee is $415.00 for entire class.